CameraController, FillRate, Parallax and Clipping?

Feb 14, 2011 at 9:00 AM

I have a pretty good camera controller with gestures right now.  However, upon zooming, fill rate goes red.  With it not zoomed I'm at about 2.4.  I also have two parralax layers that work great (bitmap cache, their height isnt more than 100), and these layers are on top of a solid bg color in another canvas, and on top of all that I have my physics objects, not many, and they are small. So those three canvas's make a nice parallax effect on top of the one with the solid bg.... end result is a 2.4 fill rate with no flickering with EnableRedrawRegions = true and frame rates are awesome!.

So, the problem is, normal zoom, fill rate is fine, but zoomed fill rate is red (4-5) and that begins to hurt frame rate of course.  

Is there a way to tell Silverlight to only fill whats actually within the phone screen dimensions vs. trying to draw/fill stuff outside of those dimensions?  Any advice that you have on managing fill rate in the context of using the camera controller and clipping would be great.  Imagine a platformer (although thats not what I'm creating) and that you don't want the CPU/GPU trying to draw and render the entire level at once and instead only whats visible.