Nov 29, 2012 at 8:00 AM
Edited Nov 29, 2012 at 8:04 AM

Hi Guys,

I am an absolute beginner at this so perhaps my question may seem dumb but please bear with me.

I am using Windows 8, VS2012 Express for Windows 8, Blend 5

I have created a physics canvas

<ph:PhysicsCanvas x:Name="RootAnimationCanvas" MousePickEnabled="True" DebugMode="False" >





<ph:PhysicsSprite x:Name="PlanetObj" Canvas.Top="400" Canvas.Left="700" ShapeType="Polygon" Width="240" Height="80" RestitutionCoefficient="0"><Path Data="M0.5,1.252 L398,0.5 L202,300.5 z" Fill="Red" Canvas.Left="0" Stroke="#FF000000" Canvas.Top="0" UseLayoutRounding="False"/></ph:PhysicsSprite>
<ph:PhysicsSprite x:Name="PivotPoint" Canvas.Top="388" Width="10" Height="10" Canvas.Left="656" ShapeType="Ellipse" IsStatic="True"><Ellipse x:Name="Circle" Height="10" Width="10" Canvas.Top="0" Canvas.Left="0" Fill="Aqua"/></ph:PhysicsSprite>

And also a Joint

<ph:PhysicsJoint x:Name="Point" Canvas.Top="388" Canvas.Left="656" BodyOne="PivotPoint" BodyTwo="PlanetObj" CollisionGroup="1"/>

All these elements are inside the canvas

But now the issue I have is that when the object comes to near slowing down it starts to jitter and and vibrate.

I have also set the root canvas gravity to zero

RootAnimationCanvas.Simulator.Gravity.Y = 0;
RootAnimationCanvas.Simulator.Gravity.X = 0;

Just in case I also set the forces to clear.


Please help guys =)