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Windows Phone 7 not correctly writing ReadBoundaryCache method to output


When running a physics app on windows phone 7 the readboundarycache method seems to cut off half way through... I get this :
public static void ReadBoundaryCache(PhysicsController physicsController)
physicsController.PointListCollection = new System.Collections.Generic.List<PointObject>();
physicsController.PointListCollection.Add(new PointObject("ball", new List<Point> { new Point(135,86), new Point(135,87), new Point(134,87), new Point(133,87), new Point(132,87), new Point(131,87), new Point(130,87), new Point(129,87), new Point(128,87), new Point(127,87), new Point(126,87), new Point(125,87), new Point(124,87), new Point(123,87), new Point(122,87), new Point(121,87), new Point(120,87), new Point(119,87), new Point(118,87), new Point(117,87), new Point(116,87), new Point(115,87), new Point(114,87), new Point(113,87)
And nothing more, method is un-terminated and missing half of the points.
Its also pretty much vital to cache the boundarys on a WP7 device due to system requirments. I've attached a screenshot of the half finished output statement for clarity

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