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User control Exception 'Element is already the child of another element.'


using farseer 4.0 and blend 4.0
1 Create new windows phone application
2 Change layout type to canvas
3 Add PhysicsControllerBehaviour
4 Add rectangle with PhysicsObjectBehaviour
5 Select rectangle and PhysicsObjectBehaviour and Right click 'Make into User Control'
6 Application will not run
7 Debugging in VS2010 reveals a 'Element is already the child of another element.' exception


crossguard wrote Apr 5, 2011 at 10:20 PM

asume UserControl1 structure goes like this:

try this:
UserControl1 userControl1 = new UserControl1();
// add userControl to main canvas
// add the physics for this ui and get the Sprite
// you can remove the userControl because PhysicsController just duplicate it for you as a PhysicsSprite

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